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System Cards for RealBridge

RealBridge provides a way for players to put a link to their system cards. The card should be in PDF format (as created, for example, by the ABF system card facility) and must be accessible on the internet. Only one person in the partnership needs to load the card – it will stay for the entire session, available on each round for view by the opponents, Tournament Director, and kibitzers. If necessary, either player can change the card by changing the link.

Upload your system card online

On the NSWBA website

The NSWBA can store your system card online at Systems | NSW Bridge Association ( To store your card there, please send it to Pauline Gumby ( Once Pauline has uploaded your file, right click on it, select Copy Link Address, and go to the next section.

Other online services

If you want more personal control of the file, you can store it on other online services such as:

  • OneDrive (if you have a Hotmail email address)
  • Google Drive (if you have a Gmail address)
  • DropBox or other equivalent services

Log into your online drive via your preferred browser, find your file, right click, and select Share. Make sure you set up the link such that anyone can view (but not edit). Once you are satisfied with the settings and apply them, copy the link generated.

Please note that if you update your system card, you’ll need to redo the above steps.

Adding your System Card in RealBridge

Log into the RealBridge session as usual. Once you’ve taken your seat, click on the System Card Icon to the right of your name at the bottom of the window. Paste the link into the pop-up box and select OK.

View your opponent’s system card

If your opponents have uploaded a system card, a System Card Icon appears to the right of your left-hand-opponent’s name (just above where the trick-count appears, but not beside your RHO’s name). The icon does not appear if they have not linked their card.

Clicking the System Card Icon opens a new browser tab showing their system card. You will need to switch between the system card and RealBridge by clicking the tabs in your web browser.