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Information for Affiliated Clubs

In the Affiliated Clubs Handbook, we have attempted to present all of the information required to run a bridge club in NSW. Answers to many of your questions are likely to be found here! This introduction should help you to get the most out of the Handbook.

The menu on the left indicates the major topic areas covered. Every menu item has a submenu, which you can see if you click/tap on it or hold your mouse over the item.

  • The Bridge Tree shows the administrative structure of bridge in NSW and its relationship to other Australian jurisdictions and to world bridge. You will also find the names and contact details of your Zonal Councillors and Regional Representatives here.
  • The Affiliation menu includes a detailed answer to that frequently asked question: "What do we get for our affiliation fees?"
  • The Administration menu provides links to a model constitution for a club and advice about committee structure.
  • Other important information related to club finances can be found under the Financial menu. And you can even find out how to obtain grant funding for your club from the NSWBA!
  • General resources includes a variety of useful templates and some guidance for club committee members on handling poor behaviour by individual members.
  • Every club wants/needs to promote its activities. The Marketing menu offers suggestions (and perhaps a source of funds) for doing so.
  • For those dealing with Masterpoint issues, the very readable Club Masterpoint Secretary's Handbook produced by the NSWBA is accessible from that menu.
  • The A-Z guide for how to run a Congress, plus a whole lot of other useful information, can be found under the Tournament menu.
  • The Directing and Teaching menus deal with accreditation, training/development and resources for those areas.

Perhaps the most important thing to say about the Handbook is that it is a very rich resource – the more you delve into it, the more you find. However, when you really do get stuck, the Help menu has contact information for those who might be able to assist you further.

Any comments and suggestions should be sent to Rakesh Kumar at