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The pages linked from this introduction allow you to list/search for bridge clubs across the state in a variety of different ways.

  • From the top menu, you can list bridge clubs in alphabetical order of name, with their addresses and contact information.
  • A map view, which also shows all contact information currently provided to NSWBA, is easily accessible.
  • You can view (non-COVID) session times and lessons being offered.
  • All of the club websites are also linked from this page.
  • Importantly, using the "Select one or more regions:" drop-down box, you can search for clubs by Zones or Regions across NSW. To do so, click on the Zone to select all regions in that Zone or select the checkboxes for the respective regions and then click on Submit.
  • Club details can be downloaded from the link at the top right.
  • Club administrators: if you wish to request an update to the details for your club, please use the form that is also linked at the top right.

If you are looking for help in any aspect of running a bridge club in NSW please consult the Club Handbook.