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Regulations and Policies


The latest laws came into effect on August 1, 2017.

As provided for in Law 80A3, of the 2017 Laws, the ABF assigned its regulatory powers to the various state associations for 5 years for non-ABF events. In October 2022 the ABF Board approved a further assignment of its Regulating Authority powers to the States and Territories for another 5 years (backdating it to commence as of 1 August 2022).

ABF System Card

It is a requirement at all ABF and NSWBA events to have an ABF Convention Card.

NSWBA Congress Disciplinary & Ethics Regulations (effective January 2, 2018)

NSWBA Rules for Online Congresses (August 27, 2020)

NSWBA Tournament Regulations (effective July 1, 2011)

NSWBA Substitution Regulations

Appeals Regulations

Alerting (effective October 1, 2011)

Psyche Register

Youth Players representing the NSWBA

NSWBA Supplementary Regulations

An Explanation of Cross IMP Scoring