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Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh Kumar is our roving reporter.

Feb 2024NSBC Festive Swiss Teams Congress
Dec 2023Spring Nationals Mixed Teams
Dec 2023Southern Highlands Congress
Aug 2023NSBC Lindfield Greg Quittner Swiss Pairs
Aug 2023GNOT Metro Final
Jul 2023Southern Zonal Championship
Jun 2023State and Country Mixed Pairs
Jun 2023Sapphire Coast Congress
May 2023Trumps Easter Teams 2023
May 2023NSBC Autumn Online Swiss Pairs
Apr 2023Defence swings IMPs
Feb 2023NSBC Summer Online Teams
Feb 2023NSBC Australia Day Weekend Swiss Pairs
Nov 2022SHBC congress 2022
Nov 2022NSWBA Jacaranda Teams
Sep 2022Wagga Wagga Swiss Teams
Sep 2022NSBC Online Winter Teams
Aug 2022Southern Zonal Championship
Aug 2022NSBC Falls Estate Teams
Jun 2022Seniors ITS 2022
Jun 2022IBA Congress
May 2022Central Coast Online Congress
Mar 2022GCC Rescue One
Feb 2022NSBC Australia Day Weekend Pairs
Dec 2021NSWBA SOT Swiss Pairs
Nov 2021NSBC Online Spring Teams
Nov 2021Jacaranda Teams
Oct 2021Mollymook Online Swiss Pairs
Oct 2021IBA Swiss Pairs
Sep 2021NSBC@Lindfield Online Teams
Sep 2021Coffs Harbour Online Teams
Aug 2021SBC Online Charity Pairs
Aug 2021MBO August Online Pairs
Jul 2021NSBC Festival TBIB Teams
Jun 2021NSBC Morgan's Swiss Pairs
May 2021MasterBridge April Online Swiss Teams
Apr 2021Trumps Easter Teams
Mar 2021Trumps Summer Teams
Mar 2021MasterBridge March Online Swiss Pairs
Feb 2021NSBC Australia Day Swiss Pairs
Feb 2021MasterBridge February Online Swiss Pairs
Jan 2021NSWBA Summer Online Swiss Pairs
Dec 2020NSWBA Online Spring Matchpoint Swiss Pairs
Dec 2020Griffith Online IMP Swiss Pairs
Nov 2020SHBC Online Matchpoint Pairs
Nov 2020SHBC Online IMP Swiss Pairs
Oct 2020IBA Online Swiss Pairs
Oct 2020Central Coast Online Congress
Sep 2020MasterBridge August Teams
Sep 2020Blue Mountains Online Pairs
Aug 2020Having fun online 4
Aug 2020Having fun online 3
Jul 2020Having fun online 2
Jun 2020Having fun online 1
Feb 2020WITS Swiss Pairs
Feb 2020Trumps Summer Teams
Jan 2020Trumps Festival AB Teams
Dec 2019NSWBA Spring Swiss Pairs
Oct 2019Southern Highlands Congress
Sep 2019IBA Swiss Pairs
Jul 2019Peninsula Swiss Pairs
Jun 2019IBA Chris Diment Memorial Congress
Apr 2019Central Coast Congress 2019
Mar 2019Swiss Pairs at North Shore
Feb 2019Slamming your way into 2019
Jan 2019Not a good day for sacrifices
Nov 2018Southern Highlands Congress
Oct 2018Trumps Spring Teams
Oct 2018Ingleburn Teams
Oct 2018Hunters Hill Teams
Sep 2018Brisbane Water Congress
Jun 2018IBA Chris Diment Memorial Congress
May 2018Keeping your WITS about you
Apr 2018East Lindfield Swiss Pairs
Feb 2018Matchpoint Swiss Pairs
Jan 2018Sweating the small stuff
Dec 2017Tales from the Deep South
Nov 2017Learning in Springtime
Oct 2017Slams from the State Teams Qualifying
Sep 2017East Lindfield Teams
Jul 2017Trumps Winter Teams
Jun 2017State Mixed Pairs
Jun 2017Excited by slams
May 2017Breaking badly
Apr 2017Trumps Autumn Teams
Mar 2017Battle of the Sexes
Feb 2017Those Not Quite Game Forcing Hands
Jan 2017In 2017 will you overcall or double
Dec 2016Margaret Smith Memorial Teams 2016
Nov 2016Glory without Power
Nov 2016Canberra in Bloom
Oct 2016State Teams Metro Final 2016
Oct 2016Hunters Hill 2016
Sep 2016Ingleburn Teams 2016
Aug 2016SBC Winter Congress Teams
Aug 2016Brisbane Water Teams
Jul 2016Wollstonecraft Teams
Jun 2016Slams from first to last
May 2016The Central Coast Teams
Apr 2016Difficult decisions at Pairs
Mar 2016Shovelling the spades
Feb 2016Five of a minor
Jan 2016The most difficult part of the game
Dec 2015No gifts
Nov 2015Wollstonecraft Pairs
Nov 2015Crazy contracts
Oct 2015Hunters Hill Teams
Sep 2015Ingleburn Teams
Aug 2015Brisbane Water Teams
Jul 2015Wollstonecraft Teams
Jun 2015ITS Seniors
May 2015Being optimistic
Apr 2015How to start your day with a disaster
Mar 2015Summer Sacrifices
Feb 2015Wishing you a slammish 2015
Jan 2015How to accumulate IMPs
Nov 2014Every slam an Adventure
Oct 2014Over the hill
Sep 2014Diamonds at Diamond Bay
Aug 2014To bid or not to bid
Jul 2014Wolly at Wollstonecraft
Jun 2014Strathfield-Odd shapes on the Bay
May 2014The Open and Womens Finals
May 2014Being a bunny at Easter
Apr 2014The Unlucky Not-So-Expert
Mar 2014Trumps and Mixed Teams
Mar 2014A dozen red ones
Jan 2014What does it take to win
Dec 2013Parramatta Congress
Dec 2013Minority report
Nov 2013GNOT final
Sep 2013No fear bidding
May 2013Losing our way to a win