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The NSWBA Council for 2022-2023
All members of the Council are Directors of New South Wales Bridge Association Limited ACN 61 000 438 648
Other Officials
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Mary Anne Loveridge Mary Anne Loveridge
Agnes Levine Agnes Levine
Company Secretary
Karen Irvine Karen Irvine
Warren Lazer Warren Lazer
Events Committee Chairman
Rob Ward Rob Ward
Coordination of ABF Tournaments
Dagmar Neumann Dagmar Neumann
Warren Robinson Warren Robinson
Phil Halloran Phil Halloran
Glenda Parmenter Glenda Parmenter
Zonal Councillor
Northern Zone
Rakesh Kumar Rakesh Kumar
Zonal Councillor
Southern Zone
John McIlrath John McIlrath
Zonal Councillor
Hunter Central Coast Zone
Susan McMahon Susan McMahon
Zonal Councillor
Western Zone
Gary Barwick Gary Barwick
Zonal Councillor
Sydney Metropolitan Zone
Wing Roberts Wing Roberts
Ronnie Ng Ronnie Ng
Chief Tournament Director
Bob Sebesfi Bob Sebesfi
David Weston David Weston
NSW State Masterpoint Secretary
Pauline Gumby Pauline Gumby
Congress and State Events Co-ordinator
Michael Wilkinson Michael Wilkinson
Alison Hanson
Honorary Solicitor