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2017 State Open Pairs
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Country Pairs Final Results Round 1.

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114Stuart CUTSFORTH - Renate LA MARRA18062.500.84
25Julie SADLER - Anne GRAYDEN16858.330.51
27Barry FOSTER - Hope TOMLINSON16858.330.51
48Catherine CHOWN - Chris BAYLISS16456.940.28
513Grant COWEN - Judy KINGSTON16256.250.21
69Stephanie MATHEWS - Gary HEYTING15252.780.17
74Stephen HURLEY - Liz HURLEY14550.350.14
83Sylvia FOSTER - Jaan OITMAA14450.00
92Martin JOHNSON - David SNOW13446.53
106Wendy MITCHELL - Colin MITCHELL12643.75
1112Eric LINDH - Patricia PHILLIPS12543.40
1210Jeff CARBERRY - Kaye HART12342.71
131Bruce BAGULEY - Kay BAGULEY11439.58
1411Alan BUSTANY - Pauline CAUST11138.54