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2010 North Shore Bridge Club Super Congress
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Super Congress Mr Solace's Swiss Teams Match Results Round 5.

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Round 5Team14NSvs 10Round 5Team14EWvs 10
Pair: Julianne ROCKS - Judy MARKS Pair: Pam RICKARD - Judith TWIGG
Opps: Beryl MELAMET - Pat NURICK Opps: Brenda KAPLAN - Helene JACOBSONNSEW
BdContDecTksScoreBdContDecTksScoreIMPs +IMPs -DatumDatum IMPsDatum IMPs
93 E9-14094 E8-2008-50-3-6
103 W8100103 W91406-9052
115 S10-50115 E9-1004-400-4
124 N8-200124 N8200-70-44
134 N10620134 N10-6204704-4
153 S12230153 S12-230660-1010
164 W11-650165 W11650-64000
Team Rank19 of 22VPs13NS Pair Rank21 of 46
Next Opps17Total VPs64EW Pair Rank42 of 46
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