2023 NSWBA State Open Teams Finals

RealBridge Links

Sunday - Nov 26

Kibitz link: RealBridge



Round Robin Qualifying: 3 x 9 board matches commencing 7:00 pm Friday 24 November 2023, 6 x 9 board matches commencing 10.00 am Saturday 25 November 2023.

Finals: 48 boards commencing 10:00 am Sunday 26 November 2023 in screen mode

How to play in Screen Mode


Team List






Martin Bloom, Nigel Rosendorff, Liz Adams, Tony Nunn



John Currie, Phil Glover, John McMahon, Charles McMahon



Marjorie Askew, William Powell, Gary Lynn, Clive Klugman



Greg Mayo, Sharon Mayo, Paul McGrath, Michael Simes





New! -System Card

RealBridge can now provide a place for players to put a link to their system cards. The system card must be on the internet, accessible via an https:// or http:// URL. Only one person in the partnership has to load the card, and it will stay for the entire session. Either player can change the card by changing the link. Once loaded, it will be available on each round for view by the opponents, Tournament Director and kibitzers.


Upload your system card online

The easiest place to store your system card online is on the NSWBA page (Systems | NSW Bridge Association (nswba.com.au)). Please send your system card to Pauline Gumby (pauline.gumby@nswba.com.au) and she'll put your system card on that page. Right click on the link of your system card and click Copy Link.

An alternative is via your OneDrive (if you have a Hotmail email address) or Google Drive (if you have a Gmail address). You can also use DropBox or other equivalent services. Once you upload a copy of your system card, it s easiest to log into your online drive via your preferred browser. Find your file, right click and click on Share. Make sure you set up the link such that anyone can view (not edit). Once you are satisfied with the settings and apply them, copy the link generated.

Please note that if you update your system card, you ll need to redo the above steps.


Place your link into the RealBridge session

Log into the RealBridge session as normal. Once you ve taken your seat, you ll see a new icon (the Convention Card Icon) next to your name on the bottom of your screen. Click on it and paste the link on the pop up box before clicking on the OK button.


View your opponent s system card

Click on the Convention Card Icon next to your left-hand-opponent s name (just above where the trick-count appears). The button will not appear if your opponent has not provided a link to their system card. You will need to switch between the convention card and the RealBridge window by clicking the tabs in your web browser.