2022 City of Sydney Teams
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Teams Match Results Round 3 

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Round 3Team11NSvs 1Round 3Team11EWvs 1
Pair: Liz FANOS - Julianne ROCKS Pair: Helen STEWART - Frances LYONS
Opps: Patrick JIANG - Hui LI Opps: Heath HENN - Jake ANDREW
BdContDecLdScoreBdContDecLdScoreIMPs +
113NTE 4-430113NTW 74301
123 W A100123 XW A-300
134 S 10620134 S 10-650
144 E J-420143NTW 24602
153 S A-100154 S 10-620
Team Rank13 of 16VPs3
Next Opps7Total VPs12
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