2021 Metro North Interclub Pairs
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100-300 MPs Results Round 2 

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110Mike GIBB - Di AGOSTINO192.766.900.45
29Owen AUBREY - John BARTROP168.758.560.32
35John ALLCOCK - Walter CELLICH16657.640.23
41Mary CARTER - Kathryn BRIEN15955.210.15
54Annegrete KOLDING - Susan JENSEN14751.040.11
68Nerida GILLIES - Sandy CARTER143.349.770.09
711Tony HALSE - Pauline CAUST137.347.690.08
87Janice OLEVSON - Felix SHTEYMAN13747.57
912Megan CORNELIUS - Timothy BESTELINK135.747.11
102Max PATERSON - Jenny PATERSON130.745.37
1114Susan FEENEY - Kathryn STEWART130.345.25
1213Fiona RUSSELL - Maryann VELLA129.344.91
136Sue EVERSHED - John SIMMONDS12744.10
143Robyn ROGERS - Maeve DOYLE11238.89