2021 Metro North Interclub Pairs
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100-300 MPs Results Round 1 

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18Nerida GILLIES - Sandy CARTER20861.900.45
24Annegrete KOLDING - Susan JENSEN20460.710.32
35John ALLCOCK - Walter CELLICH19156.850.23
41Mary CARTER - Kathryn BRIEN18053.570.15
512Megan CORNELIUS - Timothy BESTELINK17752.680.11
613Fiona RUSSELL - Maryann VELLA17451.790.09
614Susan FEENEY - Kathryn STEWART17451.790.09
89Owen AUBREY - John BARTROP16850.00
93Robyn ROGERS - Maeve DOYLE16549.11
102Max PATERSON - Jenny PATERSON16047.62
107Janice OLEVSON - Felix SHTEYMAN16047.62
1211Tony HALSE - Pauline CAUST14342.56
1310Mike GIBB - Di AGOSTINO13339.58
146Sue EVERSHED - John SIMMONDS11534.23