2021 Central Coast Congress
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Swiss Pairs Open Results Round 1 

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114Roger MCNEE - Glenda MCNEE19.0019.00
222Janet HILL - Bernie ADCOCK18.2518.25
39Kim MORRISON - David WESTON17.5017.50
48Mark GUTHRIE - Julie GUTHRIE17.2517.25
51Jane BEEBY - Philip BEEBY16.7516.75
616Matt RAJ MAL - Chris HASEMORE16.2516.25
724Jake ANDREW - Craig TABERNER15.2515.25
86Jody SWAINE - Paul ROOMS15.0015.00
911Chris WILLIAMS - Di COATS13.2413.24
1019Angela DOUGALL - Kevin DOUGALL12.1612.16
115Terry BODYCOTE - Paul WEAVER11.8011.80
123Wing ROBERTS - Mick MCAULIFFE10.7210.72
1315Hope TOMLINSON - Barry FOSTER9.289.28
1417Mary ATKINSON - Janis GRAUDS8.208.20
157Karen ODY - Martin JOHNSON7.847.84
1623John MCILRATH - Patricia GRIGSON6.766.76
1718Wendy MITCHELL - Colin MITCHELL5.005.00
1812Sharon MAYO - Greg MAYO4.754.75
194Parveen RAYANI - Jamal RAYANI3.753.75
2013Shan LAWSON - Glen CAMPBELL3.253.25
2120Stephanie MATHEWS - Gary HEYTING2.752.75
2221Anthony BURKE - Axel JOHANNSSON2.502.50
2310Helen LOWRY - Linda AUBUSSON1.751.75
242Chris ELLIS - Diana ELLIS1.001.00