2021 Schaufelberger Teams
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Schaufelberger Teams Match Results Round 8 

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Round 8Team5NSvs 10Round 8Team5EWvs 10
Pair: Nazife BASHAR - Kinga MOSES Pair: Tina ZINES - Marcia SCUDDER
Opps: Dagmar NEUMANN - Susan HUMPHRIES Opps: Michael COURTNEY - Giselle MUNDELLNSEW
BdContDecLdScoreBdContDecLdScoreIMPs +IMPs -DatumDatum IMPsDatum IMPs
154 S A-100154 XS K2003-40-24
164 W 10100164 W 10-2003-3209-11
172 E Q50172 E 31706-3024
184 N K-100184 S A10060-44
193NTS 2400193NTS Q50105083
203NT XW 5-750203NTW Q6004-370-96
213NTS 3630212 E 10-5011200104
222 S 5-50222 S 2-1104130-51
231NTW Q-90231NTW 490-8000
244 XW K-590244 E A-501220-12-1
253 E K100252 N A-110-103-3
262 E Q200262 E 10-200903-3
271NTS J90271NTN 4-909000
283NTE 2-490283NTW J490-5602-2
Team Rank13 of 16VPs34NS Pair Rank29 of 42
Next OppsTotal VPs220EW Pair Rank27 of 42
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