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Ian WEBB - Steven WHITE
112Anthony BURKE - Phil GUE49.389.599.59120.09
28Colin CLIFFORD - Margaret FOSTER49.389.5919.18140.09
33Helena DAWSON - Tony ONG49.389.5928.77110.09
410Mathew VADAS - George FLEISCHER39.513.8032.5715
57Alan BUSTANY - Di COATS35.192.0834.6518
618Jane BEEBY - Helen LOWRY45.687.1241.7719
72Jake ANDREW - Frances LYONS53.7012.4754.24180.18
86George FINIKIOTIS - Liz FANOS67.9019.1673.40120.18
94Graeme TUFFNELL - Pam LIVINGSTON33.951.5874.9816