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Swiss Teams - October 12 Match Results Round 2 

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Round 2Team14NSvs 1Round 2Team14EWvs 1
Pair: David STERN - Robert GRYNBERG Pair: Louise LEIBOWITZ - Tony LEIBOWITZ
Opps: Steven BOCK - Warren DOBES Opps: George FINIKIOTIS - Kevin DAVIESNSEW
BdContDecLdScoreBdContDecLdScoreIMPs +IMPs -DatumDatum IMPsDatum IMPs
73NTS 660072 E 6-1001119093
83NTW 55082 W 3904-5031
95 XE K20095 S A-4506105-10
104 S A620104 S A-6204804-4
113 S 3150112 S 8-130115001
125 XW K100125 W K45011-28095
Team Rank1 of 22VPs17NS Pair Rank2 of 44
Next Opps16Total VPs34EW Pair Rank26 of 44
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