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Teams - October 5 Match Results Round 3 

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Round 3Team8NSvs 5Round 3Team8EWvs 5
Pair: Martin BLOOM - Peter GILL Pair: George FLEISCHER - Mathew VADAS
Opps: Tony NUNN - Paul DALLEY Opps: Andre KORENHOF - Maurits VAN DER VLUGTNSEW
BdContDecLdScoreBdContDecLdScoreIMPs +IMPs -DatumDatum IMPsDatum IMPs
173NTW 3-400175 E J-10011-50-8-4
183 E J150183 N K-140204-3
193NTS 3430193NTS 8-4601450-10
204 N K-200204 N K1003-10-53
213NTE J50213NTE J-50-102-2
223 W K200222NTW 51208-5062
236 W 3-1390236NTE 814702-143011
243 E K50242 S 9-1703-403-5
Team Rank4 of 10VPs6.88NS Pair Rank3 of 20
Next OppsTotal VPs35.23EW Pair Rank12 of 20
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