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State Open Teams Metropolitan Final

Organiser: Warren Lazer
Phone: 02 9744 1555
Club Website:
Director:Matthew McManus

Sunday October 24, 2021 10:30 AM

This event will be played on RealBridge. Players unfamiliar with RealBridge should consult the RealBridge Player Guide and Camera and Mic Test. Initial seating and the link to the RealBridge session will be posted on this page when available.

This event is played in conjunction with the Jacaranda Teams Congress, the last event in the online Spring Nationals.

Cost: $80 per team paid by the nominating club

Any issues with entries should be directed to the organiser 02 9744 1555


Entries are closed or cannot be entered online.

Paid Entry ID
1.  Wieslaw Przewozniak (205567), Jerzy Szyszkowski (385638), Patrick Jiang (1080482), Henry Tan (180866), STRATHFIELD BRIDGE CLUB 49824
2.  Vivien Eldridge (454850), Alan Davies (74810), Robin Devries (733504), Peter Bendelstein (520527), PENINSULA BRIDGE CLUB 49908
3.  Lyn Smith (460249), Jocelyn Bertram (459712), Patrick Starck (1044222), Catherine Whiddon (428426), PENINSULA BRIDGE CLUB 49909
4.  George Finikiotis (196533), Steven Bock (5355), Kevin Davies (14443), Elli Urbach (62448), NORTH SHORE BRIDGE CLUB 49915
5.  Judy Marks (420069), John Carter (239429), Helen Palmer (678015), Geoffrey Palmer (678023), ST GEORGE BUDAPEST BRIDGE CLUB 49963