Meet the Teams

All four teams are selected to represent New South Wales to compete in the Australian National Championships in Hobart this July! These representatives will also contribute their time and effort in supporting the coming fun event Teams of Three on Sunday 20th May as captains. Enter now to grab this golden opportunity to learn from them by having the chance of partnering with them.

The 2018 ANC Teams are represented by:
  • Open: Peter Buchen, Matthew Thomson, Johnno Newman, Nye Griffiths, David Weston, Julian Foster. Bob Sebesfi is the non-playing captain.
  • Women's: Susan Humphries, Sophie Ashton, Frances Lyons, Heather Cusworth, Lorna Ichilcik, Lynn Kalmin with Marcia Scudder as non-playing captain.
  • Seniors': Peter Gill, Elliott Kaplan, David Beauchamp, Michael Hughes, Pauline Gumby and Warren Lazer with John McIlrath as non-playing captain.
  • Youth: Nico Ranson, John McMahon, Edmond Lee, Crispy Rhodes, Matt Smith and Tomer Libman. Charles McMahon is assigned to be the non-playing captain.

The Seniors' 6's and 7's
– Here, Warren Lazer has reported on how the large number of slam hands were handled in the Seniors' Interstate Team Selection
The team to represent NSW in the ANC Open Teams in Hobart in July-August is: Peter Buchen - Matthew Thomson, Johnno Newman - Nye Griffiths, David Weston - Julian Foster.
The 2018 Women's Team is formed by Frances Lyons, Susan Humphries, Sophie Ashton, Heather Cusworth, Lynn Kalmin and Lorna Ichilcik.
2018 Seniors' ITS were won by Peter Gill, Elliott Kaplan, David Beauchamp, Michael Hughes, Pauline Gumby and Warren Lazer.
The 2018 Youth Team will be represented by Edmond Lee, Matt Smith, John McMahon, Nico Ranson, Tomer Libman and Crispy Rhodes.
While the ANC representatives are getting ready for their next competition in Hobart, the State Novice and Restricted Pairs was competed in Mittagong on 28th - 29th April. The State Restricted Pairs was won by Dennis Kristanda and Terry Dunne, the title of State Novice Pairs was taken by Robbie Feyder and Michael Hogan. Full results can be found HERE.
The 2018 State Novice and Restricted Pairs was hosted by Southern Highlands Bridge Club at Mittagong on 28 – 29th April. (Left) The State Restricted Pair was won by Dennie Kristanda and Terry Dunne. (Middle) The title of State Novice Pair was taken by Robbie Feyder and Michael Hogan. (Right) The convenor Craig Curry (L) presented prizes to the Plate winners Judith Parsons and John Russell.
Non-stop learning and making progress is one of the many pleasures in playing bridge. The upcoming event Teams of Three on 20th May provides you with all these opportunities! This fun event is one of the most popular activities which attracts a full field every year. Form a team of three players, and a Captain (who is either a State, National or International representative) will be allocated to your table. Each player will be given the chance to partner with the Captain. Check out the details and enter now!

If you are looking for a more competitive game, you should pencil in the State Mixed Pairs Championship on 26th - 27th May in your diary. Direct Entries are welcome, so if you miss the qualifying event at club level, you can still participate for the championship title. The event runs Saturday 26th May as the State & Country Qualifying and Sunday 27th May as the State & Country Finals. A one-day congress The Autumn Swiss Pairs will run along side on Sunday 27th May, for those who drop out from the previous day. This one day Swiss Pairs Congress is OPEN to the public, with a supply of good players, a good game is guaranteed. Take the challenge and enter now!

The NSWBA's Monday night events offer a lot of good games. Two teams were qualified directly from the NSWBA Direct Qualifying events to GNOT (Grand National Open Teams) Final on November 30 – December 3 at Tweed Head. Full results can be found HERE.

The GNOT Direct Qualifier at the NSWBA
Leigh Matheson
admires an exceptional play by his opponent Robert Grynberg

The next Monday night event The City of Sydney Teams will be held over 3 Monday nights from 21st May – 4th June. This Teams competition will run on Board-a-match scoring, take on new challenge and enter NOW.

We are pleased to see more players travelling and bridging around, click on the names of the congresses to read some feature reports from April:

Tamworth Bridge Club Teams
The convenor found a new way to report a bridge competition

Inverell Delvyn Bridge Club Swiss Pairs
Let the photos speak for themselves

Peninsula Bridge Club Teams Congress
The congress went well in spit of an unexpected triangle

Congratulations to the Rich Team winning the Tamworth Congress – Bas Bolt, Michael Johnson, Ros Roworth and Rachel Rich.

Applause to the winners of the Kings and Queens Swiss Pairs – (Left) Colin and Ann Baker came first. (Middle & Right) Tony Nunn - Liz Adams and Jane Beeby - Liam Milne shared equal second.
Winners of the Inverell Devlyn Pairs – (Left) The championship was won by Peter McGruer and John Sheehan from Yamba. (Middle) Kevin and Julie Willcocks from Armidale came second. (Right) Best restricted pair was awarded to Pat Bailey and Pam Girle from Moree.
Winners of the Peninsula Teams – (Left) The championship was won by Julian Foster, Jenna Gibbons, Helena Dawson and David Weston. (Middle) Runners up were Liam Milne, Jessica Brake, Susan Humphries and Shane Harrison. (Right) Restricted Winners – Kit Meyers, Kerry Rymer, Fiona Lavery and Fiona Fawcett.
Upcoming Events
Events highlights from 11th May to 10th June. Click HERE to view congresses in the full year.

Congresses In NSW Local Clubs
May 19 – 20 (Sat Sun) Coffs Harbour Bridge Club

Event Details > 

May 20 (Sun) NSWBA Teams of Three

Event Details > 

May 26 – 27 (Sat – Sun) Leeton Soldiers Bridge Club
Swiss Pairs and Teams

Event Details > 

May 27 (Sun) NSWBA Autumn Swiss Pairs

Event Details > 

May 27 (Sun) Twin Town Bridge Club Birthday Teams
Event Details >

Jun 1 – 3 (Fri – Sun) Illawarra Bridge Association Chris Diment Memorial Congress
Welcome Pairs, Pairs and Teams

Event Details > 

Jun 3 (Sun) Trumps Bridge Centre Winter Teams

Event Details >

Jun 9 – 10 (Sat – Sun) Nambucca Valley Bridge Club
Swiss Pairs and Teams
Event Details >

NSWBA Events
May 21 – Jun 4 (over 3 Mondays) NSWBA City of Sydney Teams
Event Details >

State Events
May 26 – 27 (Sat – Sun) State Mixed Pairs Championship
Direct entry are welcome!
Swiss Pairs and Teams
Swiss Pairs and Teams
Event Details > 

National (ABF) Events
Jun 7 – 11 (Thu – Mon) Victor Champion Cup
Event Details > 

World Events
Jun 4 – 10 (Mon – Sun) Asia Cup
Event Details > 

Bridge Holidays
Jun 4 –11 (Mon – Mon) Finesse Bridge in Vanuatu
Event Details > 

Featured Articles
Different match structures require different tactics. Rakesh Kumar reviewed some tactics for Swiss Pairs with examples of some interesting hands in the WITS Swiss Pairs. Let's read on  Rakesh Kumar's latest article "Keeping your WITS about your".
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Thank you for sending the topics you are interested in. We appreciate it and Matthew McManus will filter these queries and answer them in his column later on. In the meantime, please follow Matthew McManus's column HERE >
Congress Player of the Year
Your Association is pleased to acknowledge this 2018 Award. There will be four categories.

• Open
• Intermediate < 750 MPs
• Restricted < 300 MPs
• Novice < 100 MPs

Click HERE for our current "interim" list, as at 28th February 2018.

This award is based on masterpoints earned at NSW Congresses held under the auspices of NSWBA during the year.

So how are masterpoints updated? Why haven't they been processed yet? Julian Foster, the former Chairman and current Treasurer of NSWBA, answers players' common question "Why haven't I got my masterpoints yet?"
Read the full article >

Congress Psyche Register
The NSWBA has decided to establish a central psyche register for all congresses held in NSW.

The laws permit players to deviate from their systemic agreements so long as the partner of the player who does so has no greater reason to be aware of this deviation than the opponents. Once your partnership has a history of deviating from its agreements in a certain situation you are required to inform your opponents of this tendency.

If you feel that your opponents have psyched against you, please email details of the hand to the psyche register – no action will be taken against players who are reported to the psyche register but once a pair has multiple entries in the psyche register, congress directors will be informed so that they are aware of this history when making their rulings.

A form which can be used for submissions is available HERE.

About the eCongress
The eCongress is a monthly newsletter published by the NSW Bridge Association. It updates you with the latest congresses in the month, interesting hands and analysis from events, and tips regarding the bridge laws.
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