A 4 beer revoke - John Probst

Contract:6HX (W)
Lead: DA

S  xxx
H  xx
D  Ax
C  AQJxxx

S  Q
H  AKJxxx
D  109xx
C  K10

S  Kx
H  Q10xxx
D  KJ87xx
C  -
S  AJ109xxx
H  -
D  Q
C  9xxxx

EW get to 6Hx and the play doesn't take long. AD lead, West pitching the SQ, spade switch ruffed, trumps drawn and the diamonds cashed for 1430. Yeah yeah says dummy (the opponents haven't noticed!!) "you revoked at trick 1" (honest guy) so they settle for down 1.

So I get called to rule during the next hand. Well this depends on whether West won a diamond trick or not. (If he did it's a 2-trick transfer, otherwise it's one trick)

Now Law 65D kicks in: "A player should not disturb the order of his played cards ... jeapardise right to claim ownership ... revoke" You get the drift anyway.

So I try to establish whether declarer unblocked the ten, nine of diamonds (which a beer drinker [this is the drinks bit] would do, as he wants to score the D7 at trick 13 for a drink). Dummy says "No he didn't claim a beer".

So, had declarer not won a trick in hand with a diamond, his partner would have had to buy him a drink for the D7, together with another for the artistic way in which it would have been achieved. Net + 2 drinks to West.

But, he lost a second trick by not unblocking the diamonds and failed to score his D7, so his partner claims a drink for the extra undertrick and a second one for missing the D7 at trick 13.. Net - 2 drinks to West

So there you have it: a 4-drink revoke


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