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NSW State Wide Pairs

July 31 - August 6

In 2017 the NSW State Wide Pairs will run for one session only during the first week in August.

Hands are provided together with a booklet, which features brief commentary on each deal for perusal at the completion of the session. The event is then scored across all participating clubs and overall winners determined.

Cash prizes are presented, as well as gift vouchers from the Bridge Shop and certificates for the winners in each club. Prizes are also awarded in the restricted divisions of Under 25, Under 50 and Under 100 masterpoints (as at 30th June 2017).

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All participating clubs will receive detailed instructions by email in mid-June. These will explain how to access the dealing files and hand records and how to submit your results to be scored.


All winners and final results will be posted here in early September. Pairs can obtain a full breakdown of their results by accessing the scoring website, following the links to Overall Results and then clicking on their pair names. These raw results include casual pairs and hence final positions and red masterpoint awards may not be correct.