2019 State Mixed Pairs
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Country Mixed Pairs Final Results Round 1.

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16Jim FITZ-GERALD - Ellie FITZ-GERALD18162.850.63
210Bob MORRIS - Gwen WHITE17661.110.44
31Terry BODYCOTE - Jenny MICHAEL17259.720.27
38Marjorie ASKEW - William POWELL17259.720.27
54Lauri PERINO - Kevin TANT16557.290.16
65Carol HOCKING - Paul SMITH15654.170.13
73Jaan OITMAA - Sylvia FOSTER15553.820.11
89Stephanie MATHEWS - Gary HEYTING13346.18
913Rosalie BROUGHTON - Ken WILKS12944.79
1014Dorothy BERZINS - Peter BERZINS12844.44
112Pauline CAUST - Alan BUSTANY12443.06
1211Shan LAWSON - Glen CAMPBELL11640.28
1312Colin SPELLER - Jodie GUDAITIS11038.19
147Philip HOCKING - Cathy HOCKING9934.38