2019 State Mixed Pairs
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State Mixed Pairs Final Results Round 2.

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11Shirley ARNOLD - Barry DALSTO19858.931.58
213Terry BROWN - Jeanette REITZER19357.441.11
35Freddie ZULFIQAR - Annette MARSHALL18956.250.79
49Warren LAZER - Pauline GUMBY18855.950.53
512Sophie ASHTON - Maurits VAN DER VLUGT18655.360.40
64Helena DAWSON - Tony ONG17953.270.32
73Tania LLOYD - Hugh GROSVENOR17251.190.26
86Patricia LACEY - Tim MOUNTJOY16749.70
88Cevat EMUL - Catherine ZHANG16749.70
1014Paul DALLEY - Susan HUMPHRIES16649.40
117Sue INGHAM - Andrew PEAKE16248.21
122Halina DRWECKA - Jerzy SZYSZKOWSKI15044.64
1310Carola HOOGERVORST - Andre KORENHOF13740.77
1411Liz FANOS - George FINIKIOTIS9829.17