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2017 John Arkinstall State Open Team Finals
Final Match Results Set 1.

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Set 1Team2NSvs 1Set 1Team2EWvs 1
Pair: Daniel Krochmalik (N) - Robert Krochmalik (S) Pair: David Stern (E) - Robert Grynberg (W)
Opps: Martin Bloom (E) - Peter Gill (W) Opps: Pauline Gumby (N) - Warren Lazer (S)
BdContDecLdScoreBdContDecLdScoreIMPs +IMPs -
13NTE 5-46013NTE J4301
26 S Q137026 S Q-1370
33NTE 510033NTE 563012
43 N K14043NTE 2-4006
55 XE K30055 S K-6508
62 N 914063 N A-140
73NTS 560075 N 710012
84 N 945084 N K-450
94NTW Q-63093NTW J630
106 E K-1460106 E A1460
113NTS Q460113NTS Q-4002
123NTS 4-200121NTE 10-506
134 W 5-650135 W J650
143 N 9-50142 N 9-1405
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