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2017 John Arkinstall State Open Team Finals
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Round Robin Match Results Round 6.

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Round 6Team1NSvs 5Round 6Team1EWvs 5
Pair: Christy GEROMBOUX - Julian FOSTER Pair: John DE RAVIN - Ben CHOSID
Opps: Marjorie ASKEW - William POWELL Opps: Eric HURLEY - Gary LYNNNSEW
BdContDecLdScoreBdContDecLdScoreIMPs +IMPs -DatumDatum IMPsDatum IMPs
133 S K200135 W A-2001103-3
145 W K-400144 XN A-69014-310-3-14
153 N 5110154 W 1013066025
161NTE 2-120161NTE 7120-12000
173 N 2200174 N 6-4206390-5-1
183 E 850181NTE J904-1022
194 W K-130193 N A15010-44
202 S K140202 S A-140104-4
212 S Q110214 E K1306-4043
22PASS0221 S Q-110320-1-3
233 E 3-140233NTW 860010-19029
244 S J510246 N K-94010670-4-7
Team Rank4 of 8VPs7.99NS Pair Rank5 of 21
Next Opps3Total VPs62.66EW Pair Rank15 of 21
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