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2017 State Mixed Pairs
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Country Mixed Pairs Final Results Round 1.

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114Sally CLARKE - Garry CLARKE181.362.960.63
23Martin JOHNSON - Christine HADAWAY161.556.080.44
313Stephen HURLEY - Liz HURLEY155.754.050.32
44Grant COWEN - Judy KINGSTON149.852.030.21
52Jenny SWANSON - Andrew SWANSON149.852.030.16
61Dariusz DROZD - Manda LABUSCHAGNE148.751.620.13
76Jeff CARBERRY - Kaye HART142.849.590.11
812Dorothy BERZINS - Peter BERZINS140.548.78
911Alice LANDY - Brian GOLDMAN135.847.16
109Chris BAYLISS - Catherine CHOWN135.847.16
117Kelela ALLEN - Tony ALLEN134.746.76
1210Rosalie BROUGHTON - Ken WILKS133.546.35
138Barry FOSTER - Hope TOMLINSON10235.42