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NSWBA Women's Teams of Three (Cancelled)

Organiser: Office Manager
Phone: 02 9264 8111
Club Website:
Director:Marcia Scudder

Sunday November 11, 2018 9:30 AM

Enter as a Team of Three or as an individual to meet and learn from new like minded women. An experienced mentor will play with each member and coach the team. A standard Systems Card is provided for optional use.

Standard Systems Card
NOTE: Entries close 8 November, 2018


Two categories of entry will be offered depending on numbers-

  1. . Development Team: Individuals enter and are allocated to a team of 1xrookie, 1xNovice and 1xRestricted
  2. . Competitive Team: Members can be any standard- likely to be a stronger team and will compete against other teams in this category

When Entering please specify whether you wish to be DEVELOPMENT, COMPETITIVE or EITHER


Cost: $45 per person; Includes light lunch

Any issues with entries should be directed to the organiser 02 9264 8111


Entries are closed or cannot be entered online.

1.  Lee Andrews (189227), Lynda Atkin (875661), Pamela Clarke (845418)
2.  Libby Tonkin (802530), Liz Jacka (118958), Maryann Campbell (9008)
3.  Jay Novak (407216), Tba, Tba
4.  Liz Cartwright (825451), Tba, Tba
5.  Chris Willoughby (1008951), Pam Ranney (1034261), Lesley Collins (1008943)
6.  Kwi Tan (649368), Dale Griffin (658073), Pamela Beeton (599689)
7.  Robyn Rogers (1008927), Tba, Tba
8.  Jann Cathels (416681), Narelle Clark (16365), Jennu Slatyer (1059394)