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NSWBA Ladies Going Places: Workshop to Develop a Winning System for your Partnership

Organiser: Liz Sylvester
Phone: 02 9264 8111
Club Website:
Director:Liam Milne

Wednesday July 5, 2017 7:15 PM - 8 tables

Expert Bridge players believe a winning System is their secret weapon and the key to success at the National and International level. Our aim is to reach these levels. The first step to success is thus to ensure each partnership has a winning System. This workshop will consist of lecture and hands on work with Liam guiding each partnership to develop/update their own System to be documented in a Systems Card. The workshop will be based on ‘System Basics Checklist’ that has been adapted for Australian representative teams. The workshop will cover:
  • General ideas behind what systems to play. What to be thinking about. Frequency of occurrence, usefulness, ease of memory.
  • The importance of system notes beyond the system card – even if very basic. A place to store all the little agreements that come up from time to time.
  • Tips and tricks to help you and your partner remember your system.
  • Lots of Q&A. Some led by Liam and some time open to the group to quiz Liam.
  • (Optional at the beginning) The basics of filling out an ABF convention card: where to download it, how to open it and fill it, what to include
Liam Milne has represented Australia internationally on numerous occasions. His Australian National wins include the National Open Teams(2014), the Sydney Spring Nationals(2016) and the Gold Coast Teams(2017). In addition Liam is a brilliant thinker and excellent communicator.

NOTE: Please register with your partner. This workshop is aimed at partnerships rather than individuals. Please contact LIZ SYLVESTER with any difficulties. The number of attendees is restricted to 16(8 Pairs) so places will fill up fast.

Cost: $30 per person


  1. Sally Lazar (364851), Kelella Allen
  2. Mary Poynten (994741), Clare Ainsworth (989169)
  3. Catherine Whiddon (428426), Lyn Smith
  4. Liz Sylvester (950114), Kathie De Palo (663484)
  5. Wing Roberts (939285), Gabrielle Fitzgerald (825298)
  6. Fiona Fawcett (929591), Clare Ainsworth
  7. Susan Capp (260347), Kelela Allen (194859)
  8. Wing Roberts (939285), Bina Kassam
  9. Lori Shine (60283), Liz Cartwright (825451)
  10. Sarah Young (876275), Sandie Rooke (874612)