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NSWBA State Mixed Teams

Organiser: Office Manager
Phone: 02 9264 8111
Club Website:
Director:Matthew McManus

Monday October 30, 2017 7:30 PM - Monday November 20, 2017

Monday October 30 19:30 Week 1
Monday November 6 19:30 Week 2
Monday November 13 19:30 Week 3
Monday November 20 19:30 Week 4
New requirement for 2017
Teams must have mixed partnerships (i.e. one female and one male) at both tables for all matches to be eligible to win the title and prizes. Other teams may enter, but are ineligible to win prizes.

Cost: $288 for a team with at least 4 members. $312 for a team with two members and two non-members. $324 for a team with less than two members. $336 for a team with all non-members. (Entry fee based on $72 per member $84 per non-member)


Substitutions in a multi-session event should comply with the club's substitution rules - complete the Online Substitution Form for NSWBA events.
  1. Frances Lyons (401765), Axel Johannsson (687693), Liz Sylvester (950114), Yumin Li (932817)

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