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Moving Homes?

North Shore Bridge Club is looking for a longer term home. They have suggested that NSWBA Council consider combining resources to create a top class home for bridge in Sydney somewhere on the lower North Shore, possibly at or near their existing location in Willoughby.

The NSWBA Council is considering whether this would be a good thing for the NSWBA and its members - if for example it could offer better premises and facilities at acceptable cost.

Obviously, any change will affect members to some extent, and will be more convenient for some than for others. In particular, we will consider all significant factors including travel and parking in making any decision.

At this point, Council simply wishes to inform members that this possibility is being considered. However, there is no commitment to, or immediate plans for change at this stage. So, this may not happen in the near future if at all.

We are keen to hear your views.

Please email me at if you have any comments or questions.

Bruce Neill
NSW Bridge Association
27 October 2011

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