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O-week pictures

Photos of SUBC members having fun running this year's annual bridge stall during Sydney University Orientation Week.

Nabil and Justin

Ming, Laura and William

Laura in the middle of playing a contract against Ming and William.

Ming and William working hard to figure out the position.

Leigh's House of Cards

People get up to all sorts of things at Canberra

First in Teams Event December 2006

The usual suspects

Second in Teams Event December 2006

Steve, Sean, John, and Orlando

Third in Teams Event December 2006

Alexander Cook, Helena Canaris, Cathy Hui, and Leigh Matheson.

This team overcame a rough start and won the final round by a maximum score of 25-0 VP's to achieve this result.

Erin and Steve

Yes you can laugh now, you're not declarer ... yet.

Bunny Ears

Poor Bunny Can't reach.... Steve And Cathy

Erin Steve and Leigh

Yes you can laugh some more, the hand is over now. What's the score?


Take That Won't You This is What I think of your card


These cards are bigger than my hands.