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Well played Nansen Hu, who won the 2016 Batemans Bay Teams with teammates Alex Phillips, Helena Dawson and Julian Foster.

The 2015 Youth Triathlon was won by John McMahon! His name gets engraved on the trophy alongside many other very high-class players.

Special mention to Richard Zhou, Nansen Hu, John McMahon and Charles McMahon, all of whom qualified to the 2015 NSW Youth team.

Nice work Nico Ranson and Chris Rhodes who qualified to the 2014 Youth Butler in January and came 9th in Australia.

Well done Natasha Jacobs, who qualified to the 2013 NSW Youth team, partnering with Tomar Libman.

Congratulations to Ellena Moskovsky and Stephen Williams who qualified to the Australian U21 team, and went on to win the Asia-Pacific Bridge Championships in Kuala Lumpur in June 2011.

It was 4th time lucky for Hoi-Ming Chan, who partnered with Leigh Matheson and finished 3rd in the 2008 NSW Youth Team Selection. Ming has finished 4th three years in a row, congratulations on finally making the team.

Well done to William Nui and Hoi-Ming Chan, who won the consolation pairs at 2007 Youth Bridge Week tournament in Canberra.

Congratulations to Hoi-Ming Chan, William Niu and Thomas Lam, who together with team captain Richard Jedrychowski won the 2006 Teams of Three (June 4, 2006)

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